Books Donations

Before the official registration of Azhee as a non-governmental organization, we operated under the name of Taba Foundation. As such, we carried out a number book donation campaigns in schools throughout the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The first one was in Kifri town, southeast Kirkuk. We donated hundreds of books to the library of Kifri Fine Arts Group in April 2018. In March 2019 we donated hundreds of books to the library of the Free Youth Organization in Darbandikhan, Southeast Sulaymaniyah and hundreds more to the joint library of Bani Khelan and Peshraw schools in Bani Khelan Village near Darbandikhan. In the May 2019 we donated a 1,000 books in various subjects and bookshelves to support the establishment of a library in Sinuni District, west of Sinjar in collaboration with a local NGO.